5 Tips to Lose Stomach Fat

24-Hour Diet Transformation Review

Frustrated with all those crazy diet plans and fitness schedules? If you are looking for a different angle to weight loss, I’ve reviewed here a revolutionary product that doesn’t conform to the usual diet rules and instead, promises to give you a much healthier approach to food.

The Product

The Fat Burning Kitchen is a 123-page ebook authored by Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling, which deals with an innovative approach to weight loss. As the name states, it all begins with your kitchen ingredients. The whole idea is to create the right stock of items to eat food that will help you burn that stubborn fat away. Mike Geary is a published author of international fame. A Certified Nutrition Specialist, his books on health and nutrition have been sold in over 160 countries. The co-author, Catherine, has studied diet and nutrition for 25 years and has been a Certified Personal Trainer for several years. Authors with such backgrounds are bound to give compelling advice! The program first targets an essential lifestyle modification that involves cleaning out your unhealthy kitchen goodies and then restocking it with the right kind of food. The authors claim that the diet transformation advised starts the fat burning process in your body after the first day itself. The book is divided into two main modules:
  • Start the Cleanout
  • How to Stock Your Fat-Burning Kitchen
  • The book takes you through all the steps, almost handholding you all the way. It explains how our bodies react to certain food types, debunks a ton of food myths, and provides scientific evidence to validate the points made.
There are several checklists included to help you along with stocking up your kitchen with the food that’s actually good for you. Mike and Catherine provide a lot of information on the different types of food we eat and what they do to our bodies. Surprisingly, I learned that a lot of food I assumed was unhealthy was actually good for me like cheese, coffee, nuts, eggs, and even chocolate. It’s all about what varieties you eat and when you eat them. The Bonus includes another ebook called the ’23 Day Advanced Nutritional Fat Burning Supplement’. It contains daily diet plans, timing schedules, fat-burning tips, and so much more. I actually found this book to be equally informative and effective!
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The Positive Side

  •  The ebook is very informative and contains detailed explanations of what foods to eat and Why. This intrigued me the most. Most Nutritionists just give out diet plans, but here Mike actually teaches you what each food does inside our body. So now, before I select anything to eat, my mind races with all the information about what it would do to me and helps me make healthier choices!
  • The book is a real eye-opener for the so-called “healthy” snacks and packaged food. Most foods being advertised as healthy food like energy drinks, skim milk etc. actually do more harm than good. I was shocked to note that if you read the ingredient label of most protein bars, you will realise that they are just candy bars in disguise!
  • The book is not just a one-time diet plan. It is a long-term lifestyle option that you can easily follow. The results are evident within a few days itself, so obviously, it just makes me want to follow it through.
  • The instructions are easy to follow and clearly spelled out.
  • The kitchen ingredients listed and the food items that Mike advises are things that are available at regular grocery stores. You just need to pick the right items. These are not specialty or gourmet items that you would have to make extra efforts to buy or visit specific stores.
  • None of the changes to create your Fat burning kitchen would require you to spend a fortune so it won’t affect your food budget. You would just be substituting some items with others. If anything, it actually made me save money!
  • The customer service team is rapid and responsive. The authors themselves respond to a lot of the queries. So, you know you are getting the right information and not some automatic pre-set reply.
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