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There thousands of Xmas gadgets on the market, but I thought it would be nice for me to find some unique products for our online consumers to make their shopping experience worthy and save money.

This first product to present to you is called “Signal Relief:” from my online research it is a safe product for pain; I would let you guys decide after you check it out. From the comment I read online it is safe and good product for pain.

SIGNAL RELIEF Wellness Patches – New Quick Relief Reusable Patch with Micro Nano-Capacitors & Extra Strength Relief for Any Ache (Aqua, 3.5″)

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Here is another great wearable product found online to be very interesting to check out.

  • NANO-TECH PATCHES: Signal Relief patches utilize a unique patented technology called “Neuro Capacitive Coupling”. This causes the nerves that send instant pain messages to your brain to turn down, allowing your body to refocus and experience it’s natural ability to heal. This technology is built into a thin pad making it easier to use than any gel or muscle rub.
  • MAXIMUM RELIEF: This new technology is a game-changer to physical and relief therapy. Signal Relief patches are applicable for all nerve discomfort, from a simple headache, to sore joint and large body-part injuries. Get back in the game sooner or continue your daily tasks without losing energy. The ultimate reliever and relaxer comes in packs and are reusable!
  • REUSABLE AND EFFECTIVE: These patches are built to last. Stop purchasing disposable methods of quick relief and make a purchase affordable enough to last you throughout the years. Our products are guaranteed satisfaction or your money back. This will easily be the most painless option not only for your body, but for your wallet too!
  • EASY APPLICATION: Don’t sweat it when applying this replacement to your skin or clothing. Its made to stay in place on any type of fabric or any part of your body. Peel the liner on one side and apply to the back of yourpatch. Next peel the second side to stick to your skin or the inside or outside of your clothing
  • HOW TO USE: Peel the liner from one side and apply to the back of your Signal Relief Strip. Next peel the liner on the opposite side of the adhesive patch and stick to the inside or outside of your clothing where the pain is most acute

Here is the Second product is called BODY BOTTLE Wearable. And does much more than just bottle of water, it is a miracle healing product.

YuYu expands it’s ORIGINAL INVENTION by introducing:

Body Bottle, The Original from The UK, Multi-Award Winning Eco Long ‘Wearable’ Hot & Cold Water Bottle by YuYu | Up to 6 Hours of Heat | 29.5 inches Long | Heat & Wheat Pack Alternative
Body Bottle, The Original from The UK, Multi-Award Winning Eco Long ‘Wearable’ Hot & Cold Water Bottle by YuYu | Up to 6 Hours of Heat | 29.5 inches Long | Heat & Wheat Pack Alternative
Easycosy Long Hot Water Bottle- Bed Warm Waist Warm Back Hot Water Bottle with Super Soft Fabric Knitted Cover 2L Pure…
Attmu Classic Rubber Transparent Hot Water Bottle 2 Liter with Knit Cover - Blue
  • YuYu expands it’s ORIGINAL INVENTION by introducing The Body Bottle, Long Hot Water Bottle, with wearable strap! Dimensions: L29.5xW5.9 in. Use with about 1-1.5 qts of water
  • Our Body Bottle fleece covers are easy to care for and are cold washable. Featuring the innovative extendable strap for wearing around the waist or back.
  • Fun, cosy fleece fabric to snuggle up to on a winter’s night, and great for soothing aches and pains. Features a pocket, ideal for a sprig of lavender or a tissue with some essential oils for a relaxing atmosphere. The Body Bottle uses only high quality natural rubber and never harmful PVC.
  • Save energy! Cleverly designed bumps on the surface of the bottle trap air under the fabric making it stay warmer for longer.
  • The aptly named Body Bottle was launched to be every chronic pain sufferer’s must-have,acknowledging our existing relationship with those who use heat to ease pain. With this in mind the Body Bottle is 0.78 inches wider in order to target more surface area particularly
CLICK HERE NOW FOR THIS AMAZING PRODUCT: CarbonKlean Peeps Eyeglass Lens Cleaner – Efficient and Durable Carbon Microfiber Technology – Exclusively Used by NASA – 500 Uses (Injected Blue)
  • GROUND BREAKING TECHNOLOGY: Peeps eyeglass cleaner is an efficient and durable ground-breaking carbon microfiber tech that cleans all glasses.
  • EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE: A very effective dry-clean technology, substance free, that is also used exclusively in space by NASA to clean glass.
  • SAFE TECHNOLOGY: Won’t damage the special coating of the eyeglass lens. Safe technology for designer glasses as well as normal reading glasses.
  • A BETTER VIEW: Peeps eyewear cleaner leaves your glasses and sunglasses free of any residue, including fingerprints, streaks, smudges and more!
  • BRING IT EVERYWHERE: The perfect size eyeglass cleaner to take with you – it measures approximately 4x1x1 inches. Available in 7 unique colors
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